Common Duct Cleaning Scams

HVAC Cleaning Scams

How to Avoid Being Taken To The Cleaners by the Cleaners  Air duct cleaning is not an easy job. When done right, it is not as cheap as some unreliable companies would have you believe. That is why these types of companies always offer the best deals and coupons. The biggest mistake a customer can […]

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How To Know If Your Ducts Need To Be Cleaned

When to clean your air ducts

Do you notice dust coming out of the air ducts in your home every time you turn on the HVAC system? Have you seen any dust or pet hair trapped in the vents or dirt on the grill for the air register? This might be an indicator that your ductwork needs to be cleaned.  So, […]

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5 Types Of Molds That Are Commonly Found in Your Air Ducts

One of the most significant and frequent problems homeowners face when it comes to home maintenance is mold issues. Mold is hazardous for anyone living in the home. Mold can be complicated to spot at the outset and much harder to remediate later on. Mold grows in areas of your home that are dark, damp, […]

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When Was the Last Time You Had Air Quality Testing?

air quality testing

Have you had air quality testing done in your home or business lately? If you’re like many people, the answer is likely no. But did you know that poor air quality can increase your risk of breathing problems and serious illnesses such as cancer and heart disease? Sick building syndrome (and its residential counterpart, toxic […]

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Chimney Cleaning: Preparing for Colder Weather

chimney cleaning

Between December 2016 and January 2017, Portland, Oregon, had arguably one of the harshest winters of the year among cities in the US. During this period, the city experienced five winter storms over a five-week period. These storms had many people struggling to deal with the freezing temperatures. A fireplace provides one of the best […]

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Summer Is Coming to End: How to Prepare Your HVAC for Fall

HVAC tips

A good HVAC system is something you won’t miss until it’s gone. But many people don’t care for their HVAC systems properly. That makes them costly and even a health hazard. With summer on the way out, now might be the time to give your HVAC some TLC and prepare for the fall. Check out […]

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HVAC Duct: What to Do If Your AC Stops Working

HVAC duct

Do you ever wonder why some people love their AC so much? Well, according to Buzzfeed, it’s because “it doesn’t talk back, it makes you feel good, and it’s always there for you.” We can definitely agree on the first two, but the third one? That’s debatable. If you’ve seen your fair share of ACs […]

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How to Keep Your Air Conditioning Cost Low

air conditioning cost

We love the summertime! From festivals to fairs— rodeos, floats, and concerts– there may be no better time to enjoy all that Portland has to offer. The only drawback to summer is the high price for feeling cool at home and in the office. With energy prices steadily on the rise, all of us want […]

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5 Ways HVAC Cleaning Saves Energy

hvac cleaning

Did you know heating and cooling constitutes nearly 50% of your monthly energy bill? The average Oregon household spends approximately $94 per month on their electricity bill. Over time, these expenses pile up. But your HVAC system is the only thing that makes harsh winters and summers seem bearable. The good news is that a clean […]

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What Causes Air Pollution Indoors?

what causes air pollution

Air pollution is always a concern when you go outside, especially if you live in a major city like Portland. What you probably didn’t know is that the inside of your house might just be as dangerous. Indoor air pollution is a serious problem that poses health risks, especially for people with asthma or allergy […]

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