Portland Chimney Cleaning

If you live in Portland, you are probably preparing for the coming winter.  Winter may not be your favorite time of the year in Portland because it comes with cold, snow and ice. This is just the perfect combination to drive you out of your mind.  The good news is that you can find a way to cope with all the inconvenience that comes with the cold season. Two things you need to make the winter bearable are a great fireplace and a chimney in good working condition. Below are great tips on cleaning and maintaining your fireplace and your chimney.

The first thing you should do is check out your chimney and make sure that it is in great shape before you start working on your fireplace. You can clean the chimney yourself or you can hire a chimney cleaner to clean it for you. If you want to hire a chimney cleaner in Portland, you can easily find a competent and experienced expert to help you do this job. If you prefer to do the job yourself, the tips below will help you do a great job.

Check for creosote

Creosote is a black or brown gummy substance that may appear on the interior walls of your chimney. If you find a buildup of this substance, contact a professional chimney cleaner in Portland to get rid of it.

Check for damage

As a chimney cleaner, you should look out for tell-tale signs of damage. These signs include cracks, missing mortar and loose bricks. If you notice any of these things, get them fixed by professionals in Portland.

Cap the chimney

One thing you can do to keep your chimney in great shape is to cap it properly. Use wire-mesh to cover the top of your chimney. This stops debris from getting into your chimney. It also helps to keep all the birds and squirrels in Portland out of your chimney.

Clear exterior vents

Part of your chimney cleaning process includes clearing the exterior vents of snow, sand or any other materials that may block the vents. This is something you can do easily so you do not need a chimney cleaner in Portland to do this for you.

Now you have done most of the hard work as a chimney cleaner so it is time to move to the fireplace.

Clean the firebox

This is the obvious first step because you do not want to light your fireplace with last year’s ashes and charcoal in the fireplace. Get rid of all the debris and make sure the fireplace is squeaky clean.

Protect the walls and floors

The walls close to the fireplace should be free of all combustible materials. Get your walls checked by an expert in Portland if you have any doubts.

Look out for signs of damage

Make sure that doors, seals and gaskets are in good working order. If anything is amiss, have it repaired immediately by experts in Portland.

Other things you can do to maintain your fireplace include the ones below:

  • Do not overload your fireplace
  • Build your fire the right way
  • Use a spark guard
  • Stick to Portland fireplace guidelines

Final word

These are some great tips to help you clean and maintain your fireplace and chimney effectively. Try the tips above and you will notice great results.

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