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A study issued in 2016 showed us that the leading factor that contributed to home heating fires was solid-fueled heating equipment. A large portion of which were chimneys (30%).

Having a chimney is a wonderful thing to gather your family around and cozy up to in the winter months. However, if not taken care of properly, you could run into some serious health problems and damage.

If you’re a homeowner or manage a property with a chimney, it’s time to take preventative action in not becoming part of this statistic.

The benefits of proper chimney cleaning greatly outweigh the costs to clean up a chimney fire or structural damage as a result.

Read on for the benefits of proper chimney cleaning. You won’t’ regret it.

It ensures safety

The most important benefit of chimney cleaning is ensuring you and your family’s safety. Chimney fires, harmful toxins, and smoke fumes are all results of neglected chimney cleaning.

When you use your chimney, you want to be comfortable and confident that no harmful consequences will result. In the cold winter months, chimneys are there to keep us warm and happy.

A routine chimney clean every year will give you the peace of mind to enjoy your fires safely.

It lets smoke escape properly

Have you heard of creosote or soot? These are harmful substances that result from smoke residue on the inside of your chimney.

Eventually and with time, creosote builds up and produces sticky, black, flammable substance.

The more you use your chimney, the more this builds up and becomes a serious fire hazard.

Creosote can also clog the chimney flute and prevent carbon monoxide from escaping the home.

With a routine chimney cleaning, you can be sure smoke is escaping properly without residue in the way.

It heats your home properly

Not only will a routine cleaning allow the smoke to properly flow out of your home, it allows for an overall better heating of your home.

When creosote builds up in your chimney walls, the circulation of cooler air weakens your fires efficiency. Meaning more fossil fuels are burned and more wood will be needed.

A clean kept chimney results in peak efficiency and proper ventilation.

It lessens the chances of costly repairs

The last thing a home or business owners wants to do is spend hundreds or even thousands to fix a structural chimney problem when it could have been prevented.

The National Fire Prevention Association says fireplaces should be inspected at least once a year, if not more depending on how often you use it. If you’re using it as your main heating source, you may need to get it cleaned a few times a year.

Having a routine clean will allow the professional to catch any signs of structural damage or any other problems that are on the rise.

The cost of cleaning up a chimney fire or structural damage to a smoke stack will greatly outweigh the cost of a yearly preventative cleaning.

Your chimney is bound to experience average wear and tear. Catching problems like this ahead of time is huge.

It’s time you take action in keeping your home and family safe by scheduling a chimney cleaning service. Take action today and contact your professional chimney cleaners at Willard Power Vac!

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