dirty air ducts

dirty air ducts


Allergies cost the United States $18 billion a year. 1 out of 6 people living in the US will or already have an allergy.

Why should you be contributing to that $18 billion? Before you go to the doctor once again, check for these things, they might be contributing to your allergies.

You may not be able to get rid of allergies, but you may be able to lessen their effects and save money as a result.

It’s often the things that we don’t see that contribute to our problems. For instance dirty air ducts in your home.

Here are the things that are affecting your allergies and some advice on how to lessen their effects.

Bad Indoor Air Quality

The air in our homes is much worse than outside. We are constantly exposed to chemicals in our homes.

A study concluded that a typical American home contains over 500 chemicals. Some of these chemicals trigger your allergies.

Chemicals can kill bacteria. They can also be very harmful to you and your health.

An air purifier can help with this problem. It removes toxins from the air. Toxins that are present in your walls due to paint or that are in your bathroom cleaning supplies.

You should also try to limit using some of these chemicals. Check the labels of your products and research their components to see if what is in them can affect you.

The best way to remove chemicals is by not having them in the first place.

Dirty Air Ducts

You don’t see them.

It’s hard to see a problem if you don’t look at where the problem is. We don’t see air ducts.

Dust can settle anywhere and one of these places includes air ducts. The problem with dirty air ducts is that it’s not easy to clean them as they aren’t as accessible.

Regardless of what cleaning you do at home, air ducts are there, and if they are not cleaned, they will have an effect on you.

If you need someone to help you clean your ducts, get in contact with us, and we will help you.

Air ducts can hold more than just dust though. They can be the home for mold.

Dirty Chimney

The material that you burn matters. Certain things release certain chemicals. Some of these stay within your home and harm you.

You can lessen the effects of the dirt caused by chimneys by considering what you burn and by cleaning your chimney.


Sometimes it’s things that you don’t see that contribute to your problems.

Make sure to clean the places that you cannot reach. Just because the places that you can see are clean does not mean that you decreased the effects of them.

Things that are hidden are contributing to your allergies the most, but just because you can’t reach them doesn’t mean that they can’t reach you.

It also doesn’t mean that you can’t clean these places, you can, you just have to contact the right people.

Get in touch with us if you need help.

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