ziggy dryer vent cleaningKeeping a dryer vent clean not only improves its performance, but also makes your home safer. Lint is highly combustible and if you let it sit, do not clean it, and allow it to constantly build-up, a fire may start before you know it. Although many people may think that cleaning a dryer vent is a complicated task, it is indeed if you lack the proper knowledge and tools to use for a clean vent. For the cleaning process to run smoothly, you may want to consider the following tips.

Preparing the Dryer Vent

Make sure to unplug your machine before you begin cleaning. If you are using a gas dryer at home, it is important that it has been properly shut off. Next, move the machine away from the wall but make sure that you do not overstretch the vent. Two feet is often the recommended distance from the wall.

After moving the dryer away from the wall, you may want to prepare the tools you will need to clean the vent. This includes a screw driver, a straightened wire hanger (or anything good enough to pass through the middle part of the vent hose), and cleaning materials like a brush or cloth.

Removing the Vent

To remove the vent, use the screw driver to loosen the dryer clamp. Carefully separate the vent hose from the back part of the dryer. With the help of a cleaning brush or cloth, free the vent and vent hole from lint and other debris. Get the straightened wire to reach the lint in the middle part of the vent hose. After you clean all the traces of lint, you may now reconnect the hose to where it was originally attached. Again, you will need a screw driver, but this time it is needed to tighten the clamp.

Clean the Vent Tube

Before you proceed, remember to keep the dryer unplugged and the gas shut off. Even if the vent cover is placed outside, you want to make sure that you are not at risk of fire or other accidents. Depending on the type of dryer you use, you may need a screw driver again to uninstall the vent cover. Clean all the lint you see on the inside part of the cover and also clean the vent tube; which should pop out when the cover has been removed. Use the straightened wire again to reach for dirt in hard-to-reach areas. After you clean the vent tube, gently push it back in, and then reinstall the vent cover.

Testing the Dryer

Once the dryer is clean and everything is properly replaced, you can now proceed to the final stage. Test the dryer to see if it is properly functioning. When you are sure that airflow is not obstructed, then you are done. You may now enjoy the comfort of a clean dryer vent.

The types of dryer vents may vary, but most of them follow the same method of cleaning. Just be mindful of the precautionary measures for safer dryer vent maintenance.

If you were like to have your dryer vent professionally cleaned, then contact us and we will be able to help you out.

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